February 7, 2013

DIY Nylites

So if you’ve been following menswear at all in the past few years you’d know about Tretorn Nylites. They’ve been resurrected from their Swedish Tennis irrelevance back to be one of the hottest sneakers around. 

A couple of summers ago Tretorn came out with a campaign called the Nylite Project, where they picked a handful of bloggers and gave them a pair of sneakers to style. They kicked it up another notch this past summer with the DIY Nylite project, where again they picked a handful of bloggers and gave them a pair of sneakers, but also with a packet of RIT dye and some permanent markers.

So I’ve been thinking of snazzing up my sneakers that I picked up a couple years back, around the time of the first Nylite project. I have worn the hell outta them and they were no longer white, but more like a brownish dirt colour. So finally on Monday I grabbed a pack of dye and just went for it. I was limited by the equipment I had around the apartment, the mop bucket didn’t really make them come out exactly as planned, but I’m still a fan of them. The blue just covered up all the dirt in them and given them a new life. I guess you can dress up a pig and take it to a ball… or however that expression goes.

Graeme WA

December 1, 2012

Alright, this post is for all those girls out there. It’s finally December, which is good news and bad news. Good News: You get to celebrate the birth of a great man, me. December 19th is the day, children. Bad News: Your boyfriend, crush, boss or homeless dude on the street corner is impossible to buy for. So here I’ve got a list of gifts ranging in prices from cute barista to fiancé.

Knit Cap - Every man draws inspiration from Jacques Cousteau
Scarf - Protect yo’ neck
Shaving Set - Live like everyday you’re the star of Mad Men
Wool Throw - This ones for you, cause I know you ladies like to cuddle 
Watch - Isn’t there a rule about first Christmas married and jewellery? 

Graeme WA

November 22, 2012

MacAusland’s Woollen Mills

Wool Blankets. I don’t feel like I need to say more, but I’m going to anyways. As most of you know I moved across the country recently and I am now writing this while looking at mountains out my window. The thing about moving across country is that you pretty much have to start brand new, which means I didn’t have a blanket. I used this as an excuse to buy something I’ve been dying for, for years.

MacAusland’s Woollen Mill is located smack dab in the middle of PEI and they’re the only mill left in Atlantic Canada. They run their business pretty old school, it just takes one glance at their website to understand what I mean, but they produce quality products at a fantastically low price. $126 for a queen size coloured tweed blanket is unheard of, that also includes shipping straight from factory to your door.

If you’re picky about the blanket it’ll take a few weeks or months to get, cause they don’t always have the stock of what they show on their site, but they pretty much will do anything you want in a blanket if you’re patient. I didn’t want to wait so I literally said, “give me any queen size blanket you’ve got lying around” and sent them my credit card number. This blanket wasn’t my first choice, I love the classic stripe blankets they do, but I’m not picky. This blanket looks great and every morning I can’t bring myself to get out from under it’s coziness. And from the last article I wrote about wool we also know that I’m pretty much invincible under this thing. Wool Blankets. Enough said.

Graeme WA

November 3, 2012

I’m moving to Victoria. Here is a farewell video. 

(Don’t know why Youtube won’t upload the HD version)

October 25, 2012

Chair Prototype

This is what I’ve been working on for the past week. I designed and built this chair from a sheet of plywood and an army surplus blanket. It’s just a prototype so there were a few kinks and it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, but I am still really proud of it. The hope is to possibly get a few of these perfected and into the World. Pipe dreams really.

Now we all know that style is way more than just how we dress, style is about our lifestyle. Furniture is one of the ways we can show off that style; live the life that bespoke suit implies. #menswear is just the starting point to what will, in most cases, evolve into an obsession with every aesthetic part of your life. Really #menswear is just an extension of your confidence and it’s pretty easy to be confident out in the world, but when you’re sitting on your ratty floral print thrifted couch in your Cucinelli you probably don’t feel so confident. So it’s a natural progression to keep evolving and expanding your style. Soon, instead of trying to decide what pocket square you want to wear that day, you’ll be deciding what kind of flooring you want in your new house.

Maybe not all of you are on this #furniture tip with me, but that’s why I called this Our Dominion Style not Our Dominion Menswear. Other than the fact that that sounds truly terrible, it leaves room for expansion and growth. It leaves room to really explore Style. I hope that I can keep you interested if I steer away every so often into something other than #menswear. So here is our first branch into something else. Here’s to growth.

Graeme WA

October 16, 2012


Snapbacks/Baseball caps are somewhat of a divisive issue in #menswear. Some people are all about looking like an adult and don’t think a baseball cap belongs in a grown man’s closet unless he is Jose Bautista, and others of us just like to have fun.

I never used to be one for hats, but recently I realised how good looking I am and that I can wear anything I want. I’ve ironically grown into a more playful style and out of the more mature style I used to try and accomplish. Although I know snapbacks make me look like a 16 year old boy, I have a lot of fun with them and I like to rep my city. I don’t really watch much sports so when I wear snapbacks it’s less for support of a team and more for support of my city.

The last time I was in BC I noticed someone wearing a Maple Leafs hat, now if you know me, you know I am farrrrrrr from a Leafs fan, but it excited me still. It wasn’t the fact that I like the Leafs cause I don’t, it was the fact that it reminded me of home, and that there was someone else from my area. I knew I could approach that guy and talk about Ontario, I didn’t, but regardless it was comforting. So when I make my trip out to move to Victoria on Nov 3, I’ll be packing my snapbacks.

Graeme WA

October 16, 2012

twicemortal said: what were the boots on the far right? I love that moccasin look.

That is a good question haha. Jes got them for me while thrifting for $10. I just looked them up and apparently they are O’Hanlon Mills, an Urban Outfitters house brand and they made them a couple years back. Maybe you can ebay them or something. They’re decent boots, I just had to change the laces.

October 15, 2012

Manly Month October

So, this month I decided I was gonna be super manly. I was gonna do this in three ways. First I was gonna grow a beard; Fail. Then I was gonna build furniture; kinda fail, kinda not. Really the only way I have succeeded is that I’ve worn boots and only boots every day this month

Now this has become somewhat of a joke, between my friend and I, because he says some bull shit about the definition of “manliness” is forever changing, and I say “nah man, just wear boots”. I’ve already forgotten where I was going with this so… I’ll give you a few recs on boots.

I’m a strong supporter of LL Bean. Reasonably priced boots and great quality. I especially like the classic Bean Boot, it’s versatile and hardy. The perfect boot. The other obvious option, if you don’t get much snow or if you just need a fall boot, is the Clark’s Desert Boot. It comes in a wide range of colours so it’s easily personalisable, but the Beeswax is pretty classic. And just because this is an incredible deal if you’re a size 12.

Cool. Boots are manly. 

Graeme WA

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October 5, 2012

The $100 Outfit

So often in #menswear we are obsessed with items well out of our budgets and sometimes we eat Mr. Noodles for a week just so we can buy the perfect red brick soled brogues. Now this isn’t a bad thing, investments are smart and you’ll get back every penny you put into your purchase.

The thing is, sometimes we don’t even have the money for investments. Sometimes we spend the last $20 we had in our new shoe fund on jaggerbombs for a half-interested girl at a sticky floored bar. So a few weeks ago I ducked into what is known as “the Canadian Uniqlo”, Joe Fresh. Now I’m not gonna be singing praises about Joe Fresh cause, well… they are low-quality, but for the amount you pay, boy you’re getting a steal. I don’t have much to say on their oxfords or their crewnecks other than they’re what you expect. The crewneck is a crewneck. The oxford is no better or worse than Land’s End Canvas, if it weren’t a tad boxy it would be completely acceptable, bar the fact it’s made in Bangladesh. 

What I really wanna talk about is the denim. I was just kinda dickin’ around the store, half-interested and not really looking for anything specific, until I looked across the room. It was like one of those scenes in a Rom-Com where the couple locks eyes across a crowded room, but in this case the girl was selvedge denim with no eyes and the crowded room was a cold and lifeless box store. Now nowhere in the Joe Fresh world does it say a single thing about raw or selvedge denim, yet here I am wearing a pair. It’s not great quality denim and I don’t expect them to last long, but they fit perfectly and they’re $49! Definitely a good cop for those of you getting into the game, or just those of you who tore an irreparable crotch hole and don’t have the $200 for a new pair of real jeans.

So, next time you’re too lazy to do laundry or you wake up in a strange city with no clothes but somehow your wallet, I suggest checkin out Joe Fresh.

Graeme WA

September 11, 2012

Back To School

So it’s that time of year where everyone is heading back to school. I, on the other hand, came back to my parents briefly and was feeling a bit nostalgic and thought “hey, I’m gonna do a post and a shoot where I have had every first day of school picture of me ever taken”.

A lot of you are probably just comin’ off Frosh Week, or most likely a lot of you don’t actually go to school, but for those of you who do go to school, I’m gonna give you some tips on what I did on my first day of school this year… and by that I mean, what I did when I crashed Ryerson University Frosh Week.

  1. Haircut - When you spent the summer tree planting in BC you probably thought your hippy flow was wild and cool, it really showed how free you were. Summer seems to do that to you, gives you a false sense of life. Get your hair chopped. I popped into The Crows Nest on Kensington and got myself a high and tight. Look neat and clean; make a good first impression.
  2. Backpack - There is only so long in your life where you can wear a backpack before people start telling you to grow up. Take it from me, I bought a backpack and now people are telling me to grow up. To me though, a backpack is a great accessory and all aesthetics aside, you need a place to keep your books. I picked up a Makr from Lost & Found, but that’s cause I had the money for that sweet, sweet Horween leather. If you can’t afford that, then get a Herschel like everyone else.
  3. White Tee - It was hot and muggy and I wanted to look like I was having fun, not that I was trying my hardest to look cool on my first day of school. Leave your oxfords for class when you wanna impress the Prof, right now all you need is a t-shirt. For the most part everyone else will still be sloggin’ around in their frosh tees and track pants, so you might as well be in the trenches with them, but maybe a bit higher up, cause you’re wearing pants.
  4. Sneakers - Yet again, leave your bucks at home. This is college not work. I picked up some Tretorns, cause it seems that these are still unique in the real world. Everyone else is still on their Authentics and New Balance kicks. Tretorns are still quite hard to find… at least in Canada.

I’m sure most of you first years have already had your first “College Experience”, but if you haven’t yet then follow my advice and step up your game. Get that College Experience in before you leave in 4 years.

Graeme WA